PLEASE NOTE: All inspections should be input under the building permit number. Please do not submit inspections under sub-contractor permits numbers. Inspections must be submitted one business day prior to the date of inspection. If you submit an inspection request for the same day you are submitting on, it will not be completed. It will be moved to the following day. We also cannot guarantee a specific time. You may request morning or afternoon inspection in the comments box, but we cannot guarantee when the inspector will be out, since there are only two. It is important to fill out all information on the request form. If you do not leave a phone number and the inspector has an issue that can't be resolved then your inspection will be cancelled and have to be rescheduled and possibly subject to a re-inspection fee of $50.
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All permits are formatted 2019xxxx. For example, 19-2035 will be entered 20192035. Parcel Numbers are in the format xxx-x-xx-xxx-x, and may contain both letters and numbers. Applicant/homeowner name will always be sorted by last name. For example an applicant/homeowner named John Smith should be searched for using the term 'Smith.'