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Zoning Permit Application
This application must be accompanied by a Site Plan that illustrates building dimensions and setbacks measured to foundation walls, with dimensions of roof eaves and other overhangs clearly indicated. Fence-only applications may contain less detail.  

Prior to plan submittal, applicant should identify lot boundaries and determine whether any public or private easements affect the property. Prior to construction, contact Digger’s Hotline at (800) 242-8511.  Some properties in the city require the approval of a Neighborhood Architectural Review Committee or Homeowner’s Association that is separate from the City permitting process.
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I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that the above information is correct and agree that in the performance of this work I will be bound by and submit to all statutes of the State of Wisconsin, conform to all applicable codes and ordinances of the City of Middleton, and abide by all other applicable rules and regulations. Furthermore, I understand that the City of Middleton is not responsible for enforcing neighborhood covenants, and any granted zoning variances apply only for the specific structure(s) reviewed by the Zoning Board of Appeals.  I understand that the City may remove any structure or landscaping feature placed within or upon a public utility easement, and that any repair or restoration work will be at property owner expense.
Signature of Applicant
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A City of Middleton representative will contact you to request the balance of the information required to process this permit.
Applicants must submit a detailed plan to the zoning department.