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By clicking Continue you agree to the following statement. **I hereby acknowledge, if the ROW/Excavation Permit is granted; (1) I assume all liability pertaining to this excavation and agree to maintain for two (2) years a Performance and Maintenance Bond wit hthe City (if required). (2) I further bind myself to comply with all Building Codes and ordinances governing material, installation, repair or alteration of utilities. (3) I further agree to indemnify the City of De Soto for and hold it harmless from any cost or liabilities arising from the excavation identified above or any actions connected therewith. (4) I further acknowledge my responsibility and liability to notify all utility companies in advance of excavating and assume all liability for damage to all known and unknown utilities by this excavation. (5) I specifically indemnify the City for and hold it harmless from any liabilities to utility companies' caused by this excavation. (6) The Permittee shall notify the City no less than three (3) working days in advance of any construction repair, relocation of facilities which would require any street closure or which reduces traffic flow to less than two (2) lanes of moving traffic for more than four (4) Hours.