Using plastic bags for yard waste is not environmentally friendly. Compostable paper bags make sure that yard waste can be composted without plastic contamination. As the City continues to "Go Green", it is considering offering City Residents containers with wheels and lids for leaves, grass and yard trimmings. Anything that does not fit in the container should be placed in compostable paper bags.

Recycling Containers for Green Waste (grass, leaves, and yard trimmings)would be available in two sizes. The small 32-gallon type roughly measures 24" by 20" at the base and 39" high. The large 64-gallon type roughly measures 32" by 25" at the base and 42" high.

"What kind of yard waste container works best for you?" Take the survey below.

How often do you place grass, leaves, and yard trimmings at the curb for recycling collection?
Every week
Once a month
Only during the fall

If you regularly recycle yard waste, which do you use?
Compostable paper bags
Plastic bags
Container with wheels & lid
Container with NO wheels & lid

EXCLUDING the peak leaf season in the Fall, how much leaves do you typically generate EACH WEEK?
Less than 5 bags
5-10 bags
Over 10 bags
1 container
2 or more containers

During the Spring and Summer months, what is the MOST yard waste amount you typically generate EACH WEEK?
Less than 3 bags or containers
3-5 bags or containers
Over 5 bags or containers

Based on your available storage space, which size Green Recycling container (see dimensions above) would normally satisfy your yard waste generation needs during the year?
64-gallon Green Recycling Container
32-gallon Green Recycling Container
I do not generate enough to fill either size container