The City is considering providing residents with Recycling Containers for Green Waste (grass, leaves, and yard trimmings). The small 32-gallon type roughly measures 24" by 20" at the base and 39" high. The large 64-gallon type roughly measures 32" by 25" at the base and 42" high.

How often do you place yard waste at the curb for recycling collection?
Every week
Once a month
Only during the fall

If you regularly recycle yard waste, which do you use?
Compostable paper bags
Plastic bags
Container with wheels & lids
Container with NO wheels & lids

EXCLUDING the peak leaf season in the Fall, how much leaves do you generate each week?
Less than 5 bags
5-10 bags
Over 10 bags
1 container
2 or more containers

During the Spring and Summer months, what typically the MOST yard waste you generate each week?
Less than 3 bags or containers
3-5 bags or containers
Over 5 bags or containers

Based on your storage space, which size Green Recycling container (see dimensions above) would normally satisfy your yard waste generation needs during the year?
64-gallon Green Recycling Container
32-gallon Green Recycling Container
I do not generate enough to fill either size container