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Schedule Large Bulk Items and Appliances/ Metal Items for collection by completing the above form. Public Works will schedule a date for your items to be collected. You will receive an email of the date or you can check back by selecting the check request button on the left and insert your request number.

Place items at the curb prior to 6 am the day of collection or not prior to 6 pm the night before collection.

Large Bulk Iems include but not limited to: sofas, dining room tables/ chairs, cabinets, toilets, desks, recliners, floor model TVs, mattresses.

Appliances/ Metal Items include but not limited to: washer, dryers, freezers, refrigerators, bed frames, lawn mowers, ladders.

Small Bulk Items can be collected on your current refuse collection day. Small Bulk Items include but not limited to lamps, small TVs, single chairs, end tables. These items shall be less than 35 lbs or 3 feet in length. Items must be sorted for recycling and refuse and set out accordingly. Those items that can be placed in containers or bags shall be prepared that way for collection. Larger items that meet the small bulk category must be stacked neatly next to the appropriate container.

Construction debris, automotive parts, or household hazardous waste is not accepted with refuse or bulk.