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To schedule an inspection contact 319-626-5713 or online. Minimum one-day notification required, except for a minimum four-hour for foundations and underground utilities. Work shall not be done beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection without first obtaining the approval of the assigned Inspector. Non-compliance items shall be corrected and shall not be concealed until authorized by the assigned Inspector. Required Inspections: Footing and Foundation: Inspections shall be made after excavations for footings are complete and required reinforcing steel is in place. For concrete foundations, all required forms and reinforcement steel shall be in place prior to inspection. Plumbing below concrete floor slab: Inspections shall be made before any building service equipment, conduit, piping accessories and other ancillary equipment items are concealed. Rough-in: Inspections shall be made after the roof deck or sheathing, all framing, fireblocking and bracing are in place and pipes, chimneys and vents to be concealed are complete and the rough electrical, plumbing, heating wires, pipes, ducts and any required fire rating assembly requirements have been installed. Other: In addition to the inspections specified above, the building official is authorized to make or require other inspections of any construction work to ascertain compliance with the provisions of this code and other laws that are enforced by the department of building safety. Final: The final inspection shall be made after completion of all work indicated on the approved plans.